Books By Ari Levitt

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“Six Feet Apart, Together”

A tale of social distancing 

       in the age of a pandemic

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“A Little Dog’s Tale”

Stories from a Grateful Pooch

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“The Midlife Crisis of Paul Revere”

A New Poetic Take on a Classic Poetic Tale

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“The Coffee Addict”

A delicious ‘roast’ of coffee, 

well worth the ‘poring’ over…

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“Lovely as You”

A poem about love, appreciation, 

and a little something A'more

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“The Ballad of a Tree-Peeing Pooch”

(aka, “The Rhyme of the Ancient Urinator”)

Answering the age old question in rhyme, humor, and wit:

 “Why do dogs pee on trees?”

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“My Passage (Almost) To India”

The exciting adventures of a man 

nearly obtaining a tourist visa 

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“Samba Sam & Jive Bunny Joyce”

A salty poetic tale of dance, romance, 

  & haute cuisine on the high seas…

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“Animal Communities Revisited”

A fun & fabulous way 

to learn animal group names

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“Advise to Joshua”

An uncle’s wise counsel to his newborn nephew on how best to navigate the rough-and-tumbles of toddlerhood on the fast-track to fame and fortune…

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The following titles are in the works.  Check back soon to learn more about their availability...

“The Secret Language of Poetry”

A guide to understanding the language of poetry, and a simple method for getting you started in the craft



“A Necessary Indulgence"

How music, dance, & the Arts can save medicine and bring wellness, balance, & joy to your life

   “Pieces of my Past"

An Eclectic Collection of Original Poetry

(and the events that inspired their writings) 


“A Danceable Feast”

A very special cookbook for dancer’s, diner’s, and music lover’s alike…