My Passage (Almost) To India

“My Passage (Almost) To India”

The exciting adventures of a man 

nearly obtaining a tourist visa... 


This richly descriptive and narrative poem, born from a four-hour wait at the Embassy in Singapore where the author went to apply for a  three-day travel visa to India, describes one man's journey of mind across a pallet of 'East-meets-West' emotions and experiences as he patiently waits the granting of the document, only to realize that the experience itself may be the closest thing he will ever come to the heart of India.

Beautifully written, the poem is rife with evocative imagery, transformative language, and an overarching concept and thought-process that provides the reader a wonderful journey of mind to embark upon themself. 


This is my impression of a man in silent mutiny:

Imagine, if you will, a lowly petitioner at the pale of patience’ playground, 

a bushel short on forbearance, 

a liter low on longevity, 

and a half inch off the Halebid halfpipe,

unhitching his petard, 

laying down his load, 

and quietly cursing the paper-shuffling pundits and bouncing Bombay bureaucrats who have embroiled him in this whirling dervish of dilly-dally and dodge.

India, shmabindia.

... Thinks it’s the next great resort town, tourists beating at the doors for a chance to simmer in its spicy sauce.


   I am Thomas’s doubting cousin, Sahib.