Advice to Joshua

An uncle’s wise counsel to his newborn nephew on how best to navigate the rough-and-tumbles of toddlerhood on the fast-track to fame and fortune….

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Knowing someone before they become famous is a rather unique and privileged state of being because we know the kinds of mischievous or embarrassing behaviors that took place long before those young children grew to be adults or established whatever reputation they might now have.   

In this whimsical and clever poetic tale, an uncle offers sound advise to his newborn nephew on how best to navigate the path toward fame and notoriety based on the youthful foibles and indiscretions of the greats who came before him.  

Written in a fun, playful, and definitely 'teenaged-humor' style, this fictitious tale is sure to bring a smile to your face, reminding you of the kinds of childish antics we all might have been guilty of in our youth, and at the same time informing you about some of the great people who have come before us in history.  Enjoy!  

"Will you be a Matisse, a Van Gogh, a Gauguin,

  a Shakespeare, 

   a Shaw, 

   or a Poe,

     A philosopher, a philatelist, 

  a cohort or catalyst,

     or deign defy labels we know?"