The Ballad of a Tree-Peeing Pooch

Within these pages you will find a very rare gift indeed -- something so shockingly insightful, perhaps it's best if you read it sitting down.

Some have called it the most deeply moving poem they've ever read: "truly profound", "revelatory", and even "life-changing". 

Ladies and gentlemen, we present for you here, in these few pages, the only poetic saga believed to exist that might truly answer the age old question: "Why do dogs pee on trees?" 

Yes, it's true. 

Just in case you're one of those who lies awake at night, heart pounding, mind racing, desperately trying to puzzle out the answer to this conundrum, this book will be your personal panacea, your saving grace, and the only medicine you will ever need... 

( long as this is the only issue you ever have).

 Therefore, buy one now! (And get a spare just in case).