"Six Feet Apart, Together"
A tale of social distancing in the age of a pandemic

"A dangerous little bug one day 
      descended on our race,
   forcing us to distance
    — to keep a margin of space
        between ourselves and others, and 
 in this way intervene 
 in the spreading of the little bug 
    we call Covid-19"

Thus begins this latest poem in Ari's collection, a timely homage to (and commentary on) the power of one little bug to bring the world to its knees.

       Inspired by the necessity for social distancing during the global coronavirus pandemic of 2019-2020, Ari’s thoughtful, clever, and witty verses lend a message of hope, humor, and guidance to what has otherwise been a very surreal and uncertain period in our history. 

     Wonderfully written, this book (ranked A+ for quality quarantine material) is nigh guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

      .....particularly if you are reading it from the relative security of your safe-room or high tower   ;)

CLICK HERE to hear Ari Reading the Poem Aloud:

"An Exceptionally Impressive Creation":


          I found your "Six Feet Apart, Together" poem a most refreshing, innovating, entertaining and purely delightful experience, one worthy for consideration of a Nobel Prize in Literature. Your command of language, directed at an audience, for a specific purpose, is what impressed me the most. I can not fathom a more difficult way to get a message across than using poetry, especially one of that length. The way you created, then presented it was masterful. Your articulation was captivating and highly entertaining. Very impressive creation and performance. The world needs more like you.

- Richard W (4/30/20)

"Delightful, Beautiful, Wise"

Robert Frost said that a poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom. Ari's poem grabs one with its inimitable fluidity, cadence, and rhyme. With delightful imagery, it subtly instructs how far is six feet and why we need that space in the time of Covid-19--an unforgettable lesson in medical science. Ideal for kids, a literary delight for all ages.

- Elizabeth T  (4/30/20)

"Fun & Inspiring":

Who knew it was even possible to have such a brilliantly composed poem that flows so easily and is such a joy to listen to, yet at the same time delivers a hugely important message to kids about safety practices during Covid-19 times. Whimsical and lighthearted, this poem/book will appeal to kids of all ages, helping them to feel they also have a role to play in staying safe.”

- Glynis A. (5/6/20) 

"A poignant tale of social distancing in the Covid era"

Cute, clever and right on target! Ari spins a delightful “Seussian” tale of social distancing “six feet apart” for these challenging times. You will want to share this poem with friends, family and your extended community!  Now .... keep your distance!!

- Donna M  (5/2/20)

CLICK HERE to hear Ari Reading the Poem Aloud:

Help Those in Need!

If you enjoyed this piece and would like to do something to help those in need during these difficult times, please consider buying a copy at Amazon Books (CLICK HERE or search for "Six Feet Apart, Together" by Ari Levitt).  It not only makes a great gift, but proceeds from its sale will be used to support people and communities who are suffering from the Covid-19 outbreak and are in need of financial assistance. 

Now is the time to look out for one another.
Your help and generosity in this regard is much appreciated!