Lovely as You

“Lovely as You”

A poem about love, appreciation, 

and a little something A'more

Enjoy this beautifully written poetic homage to that very special woman in your life. It's perfect as a gift, or as something you might decide to read out loud as a token of your love and appreciation for all that they have done for you.

"Lovely as You"

From the woman seen on TV 

selling perfume in her nightie,

to the myths portrayed of Venus, 

or that vixen Aphrodite,

from the halls of L.A. mansions 

to the shores of Hilton Head,

come ladies you’d expressly think 

are for their beauty bred.

With perfect arms and thighs

that could win a pageant prize,

yes, they’re lovely, very lovely

but you’re lovelier in my eyes…