About the Author

Ari Levitt, MD 


A physician, artist, musician, writer, traveler, teacher, and entrepreneur, Ari completed his undergraduate education in Human Biology & Philosophy at Stanford University; his medical degree at the University of Washington; and his residency in Family Practice in Harrisburg, PA.  He currently resides in Seattle, WA, where he actively lectures and teaches.

As a physician, Ari is a leading pioneer in the field of “Experiential Wellness”, which combines the best of allopathic medicine with the creative Arts, helping individuals to utilize their hobbies & interests (or ‘experiences’) to motivate healthy behaviors and to create a richer, more rewarding, and personalized model for wellness in their lives.

Through his company, Terpsicorp, he also brings his rich knowledge of business acumen to corporate settings with unique, interactive, and hands-on presentations that focus on improving productivity and teaching successful leadership and communication skills in the work setting.

Ari is also a renown and much sought after world-class social dance instructor, actively teaching throughout the USA and abroad.  With a breadth of styling extending from swing, blues, ballroom, Latin, fusion and beyond, he runs a wide variety of travel and dance adventure programs, including: “Waltz Week in Vienna”, “Mexico Dance Adventure”, “Waltzfest NW”, “Harrison Hot Spring Dance & Spa Retreat”, Hawaii Dance Week”, “New Zealand Dance Adventure”, and “Dancing with Horses”, among others, and has been a featured DJ and instructor in various festivals throughout the USA and beyond. 

 You can learn more about Ari's dance programs at www.rolluptherug.com