Samba Sam & Jive Bunny Joyce

Samba Sam &     Jive Bunny Joyce

A salty tale of dance, romance, & haute cuisine 

on the high seas…


"Why, this whole dancing business, it isn't such disaster!  In fact, it's very much like standing -- just a little bit faster! 

   ...Dancing is fun, it's elegant, debonaire, it's like skating on ice; it's like floating on air. Look at me, I'm Gene Kelly! ...or if you wish, Fred Astaire..." 


With this epiphany, the dapper Samba Sam comes to realize that he, in fact, can dance. And more than that, he loves it! 

Enjoy this wonderfully written spoof on Dr. Seuss's classic tale of "Green Eggs & Ham", only this time, instead of harboring a prejudice against green cuisine, our Sam thinks he doesn't like to dance. 

... Until he tries it, that is. 

All based on a true story of the real Sam & Joyce Middlebrook.