The Coffee Addict

“The Coffee Addict”

A delicious ‘roast’ of coffee, 

well worth the ‘poring’ over…

“Before the long commute to the office, before my hemiplegic limbs are in full function and my sleep-stifled brain has been stripped bare of its last vestiges of cobwebs and slumber, 

      at the cusp of awaken's playground, yet still toe-ing the line to full consciousness, I pause for the paper and a quick morning pick-me-up at my local Starbucks, where, without fail...

      the barista behind the counter 

           makes me steam.” 


Thus begins the creative sojourn of a coffee addict into the realms of awareness and desire in this clever, poetic description of a person simply stopping into Starbucks for a Cup 'a Joe one morning. Written in a fun and playful way by a masterful poet, it’s the perfect 'roast' of coffee, well worthy of 'poring' over. Enjoy!