Animal Communities Revisited

“Animal Communities Revisited”

A fun way to learn animal group names


"If you don't know what to say

    to a group (or menagerie)

         of beasties you happen to meet,

Or what to call 'em properly

     as a host or emcee

         out loud or in manners discrete,

Know we've given our friends 

     of fin, fur, or feather 

who run, jump, walk, crawl, 

     fly, or churn,

specific group names 

     when they gather together,

which by reading this book 

     you can learn!

Yes, you'll find here in bold

    for all to behold

         and written unambiguously,

all kinds of critter 

     for you to consider,

        and what then their group names might be!"

Enjoy these wonderful poetic verses to help children (and adults alike) learn & remember the terms we use to describe groups of animals and animal collectives!